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Voro Bean Burger

Branding, Naming, Visual Identity, Brand Strategy, Lettering, Packaging

Since 2015, Voro Bean’s Burger has been reshaping views on vegetarian food. Dedicated to infusing authentic bean flavor into every bite, their burgers cater to diverse tastes. Beyond just food, Voro aims to redefine the vegetarian dining experience, offering a delicious journey that breaks traditional expectations.


The name "Bean Burger," previously employed by the brand, faced registration challenges with the Brazilian Intellectual Property Institute. Given their plans for franchising, overcoming this obstacle was crucial. Beyond the naming issue, the visual identity lacked strength and uniqueness, failing to convey the brand's true essence.


Refining the brand was crucial to uncover the true essence of our business for sustained growth. Consequently, we've introduced a new name that aligns better with the brand's purpose, along with an enhanced visual identity that embodies more personality and strength.

Brand Diagnosis

During the immersion stage, we delved into three key pillars: internal analysis, consumer analysis, and competition analysis. This comprehensive approach allowed us to gather valuable insights and comprehend the intricate context surrounding the Bean Burger brand. Armed with this information, we guided the brand owner in making informed decisions about the business's direction. Our evaluation spanned beyond just brand and communication considerations, extending to aspects like product mix and people management, fostering a holistic understanding to shape the brand's trajectory.

Utilizing a comprehensive array of tools, our approach included:

  • In-depth interviews with the owner

  • In-depth interviews with collaborators

  • In-depth interviews with customers

  • Quantitative research involving potential customers

  • Quantitative research involving current customers

  • Analysis of the brand's competitive landscape

  • Identification of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

This multifaceted toolkit enabled us to gather a nuanced understanding of the business environment, ensuring a thorough examination of internal dynamics and external factors shaping the brand's trajectory.

Brand Strategy

During this pivotal stage, we worked to define the strategic pillars of the brand. The owner had already gained significant clarity regarding the brand's identity and the desired positioning. To further crystallize these aspects, we introduced dynamic exercises designed to assist in pinpointing the brand's value proposition and personality.

Key Components of the Strategic Pillars:

  • Branding Goals

  • Brand Identity

  • Value Offer

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Personality

  • Brand Circle Tool

This strategic framework laid the foundation for a cohesive and well-defined brand, aligning its goals, identity, and value proposition for future success.

New Product Launch

In the Diagnosis Stage, our research with customers unveiled two latent demands: a desire for new flavors and side dishes to accompany the burgers.

During the strategy stage, we recognized that the launch of the new brand presented the perfect opportunity to fulfill these consumer desires. Introducing new products not only elevated the brand's value but also facilitated an increase in the average ticket and profitability, especially with the introduction of a "combo meal" version. This strategic move proved to be a win-win for both the brand and its discerning customers.

Brand Expression

Due to the brand strategy being aligned and coherent, the process of building touchpoints was natural and seamless for the owner, as it was a mere consequence of what the brand aspired to be. The expressive elements materialize this brand identity and personality.

Touchpoints developed by us:

  • Naming

  • Visual Identity

  • Packaging

  • Website

  • Photographic Style

  • Uniforms


The new name should express the essence and positioning of the brand, and be registerable in three different classes at INPI, ensuring its complete protection. This process involved dynamic generation of alternatives, analysis of spelling, pronunciation, sound, and concept, domain verification, analysis of trademark registration feasibility, and perception research with the audience.

The chosen name, Voro, comes from the Latin root and means "that eats." Therefore, it doesn't matter if we are "omnivores," "herbivores," or "carnivores." What matters is that we are all "Voro." The play on words refers to the brand's positioning as "ideal for any palate."

Visual Identity: The foundation of visual identity development rested on three key principles: pure, handmade, and close. To accentuate these characteristics, we incorporated various gestural graphic elements. The logo, symbol, and illustrations were meticulously crafted exclusively for the brand, embracing the organic and authentic imperfections inherent in freehand drawing. Notably, phrases quoted directly from clients during diagnostic interviews found their way into the illustrations, adding a personalized touch. For packaging, we opted for kraft paper, with its rustic texture seamlessly aligning with and reinforcing the brand's commitment to purity, handmade craftsmanship, and a close, authentic connection.

Brand Management

In the management stage, our primary goal was to guarantee consistency across all actions and brand touchpoints. Navigating the transition from Bean Burger to Voro posed a significant challenge, and our focus was on orchestrating a seamless launch to minimize the impact on customers. To achieve this, we meticulously crafted a comprehensive action plan to ensure the smooth implementation of all necessary modifications.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini e Paula Rego

Naming: Paula Rego

Designer: Camila Chisini

Copywriting: Paula Rego

Photography: Marina Godward


Brazil | 2018

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