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Do you wanna know?

If this feeling flows both ways?

Okta is a design studio, an illustration office, a branding specialist, but ultimately a brand. A brand that believes in people, creativity and their combination to solve any problem.

We're on a full-time quest to solve problems, armed with an insatiable curiosity and fueled by deep thoughts that could rival a philosophy seminar. Picture us as part-time philosophers, and full-time puzzle enthusiasts, always on the hunt to dive deeper into the sea of knowledge, with just the right touch of drollness.

Embracing the eternal flip-flop of change, we're firm believers in each individual's talent and the magical mojo of teamwork. It's like our own sitcom where everyone's skills take center stage, making the collaboration a masterpiece that enriches one and all.

In a delightful dance between levity and excellence, we cherish connections with our partners and clients. Our mission? To serve up projects that are not just bold, strategic, and creative, but so utterly outstanding they practically do a stand-up routine wherever they go.

Okta Colorful Sitcker
Okta Are Sticker
Okta We Sticker
Okta Smart Triangle Sticker
Paula Rego
Okta Tomato Sticker
Okta Lime Gradient Box

Paula Rego

SWISS-ARMY KNIFE (aka project manager)

Meet Paula, the brainiac with a knack for turning projects into workflow masterpieces. With a degree in Advertising and a postgrad in Neurosciences and Behavior, she's basically the Poirot of understanding what makes people tick. Paula's been rocking the ad world since 2013, and she's not just a local star – she's had her time in the spotlight as a communications manager in India.

Since 2017, she's been the brainy half of the Okta duo, organizing spreadsheets and making dad jokes. Oh, did we mention she's got a trophy from the Brasil Design Award in 2019? Yep, she bagged that in the Branding/Naming category. Paula's not just in the ad game; she's playing it at the highest level, and her
(tiny, but cherished) awards shelf is proof.

Luisa Fantinel
Okta Egg Sticker
Okta Pink Gradient Box

Luísa Fantinel

CONDUCTOR OF CREATIVE CHAOS (aka creative director)

Luísa, our design wizard, got her diploma in Design and practically had a design pencil in her hand since her teenage years. She sprinkled her creative magic all around until she decided to take her talents on an international tour in the Great White North, aka Canada. After soaking up even more design wisdom, she brought her A-game back to the Okta team in 2019.

Guess what? Luísa didn't just stop at being a design dynamo, no! In 2021, she hit the jackpot and became an official partner. Now, she's not just creating cool designs; she's practically the Picasso of partnership at Okta. It's like having a design superhero with an extra sidekick of business prowess. Watch out, creative world – Luísa is here to design and conquer!

What we are made of

sugar, spice, and everything nice

active listening

Treating every word as if it were a juicy piece of gossip. Becoming the Sherlock Holmes of conversations, our ears are now detectives, and every snippet of dialogue is a potential plot twist in the grand narrative we are tuned to. Ready for a symphony of whispers and the thrill of decoding the hidden dramas unfolding in the world of casual chit-chat.


Transforming ourselves into the Zen master of open-mindedness, a paragon of rationality with a prejudice-repellent force field. Picture ourselves as the Jedi of fair-mindedness, gracefully dodging the dark side of bias. We welcome opposing opinions like long-lost friends, throwing them a metaphorical tea party in the garden of our minds. 

crave for knowledge

We embark on a quest for knowledge like a caffeinated squirrel chasing after a special nut. Picture ourselves as a professional sponge, absorbing wisdom with the enthusiasm of a puppy discovering a new chew toy. We're not just seeking new learning; we're orchestrating a symphony of self-enhancement.

valuable relationships

We want to nurture connections that thrive like well-fed houseplants – everyone getting a little attention, a splash of shared sunshine, and the occasional pep talk to encourage growth spurts. It's like the garden of relationships, but instead of fertilizer, we sprinkle it with great work, support, and a dash of inside jokes. 

breathing time

We imagine each process as a gourmet dish cooking in the kitchen of life – trying to speed things up would be like expecting a Michelin-starred meal in a microwave minute. It's the delicate tango between time and task that turns the mundane into the magnificent. So, we let our soufflé rise at its own pace, we savor the anticipation and avoid the hasty shortcuts that could turn our masterpiece into a microwave mishap. After all, in the grand feast of existence, timing is everything and we praise giving time to time.

questioning thinking

Take a stroll through the gardens of contemplation, stopping occasionally to pet the philosophical bunnies of imagination. Picture our minds as eternal kids, perpetually intrigued by their surroundings and constantly asking "Why?". We embrace the childlike wonder, and embark on a journey through the playground of thought, where curiosity knows no bounds.

meaningful work

We wanna attain a level of personal bliss that's akin to discovering the true meaning of life in a well-brewed cup of coffee – work that doesn't just pay the bills but gives our soul a high-five. It's like finding the missing puzzle piece, except this piece comes with a bunch of money and a sense of great accomplishment.

collaborative behavior

Like throwing a workplace party where everyone brings their best skills and secret moves to the dancefloor, our collaborative behavior is a symphony of effort, where open communication is the Ginga that keeps the teamwork dance fun. Picture it as a group project but with fewer eye rolls and more high-fives. In this collaborative dance, success isn't a solo act; it's a dazzling ensemble performance where everyone gets a chance to shine.

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