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Branding, Brand Strategy, Naming, Illustration, Visual Identity, Verbal Identity

With two decades of experience, Trebian is reborn to assist companies in promoting their employees' well-being and to become the ideal partner in reducing costs in benefit programs without neglecting the employee experience.


Having been in the insurance brokerage market for over 20 years, Jefferson felt uncomfortable with his company's old name. Generic, the brand name no longer fully reflected the company’s values and essence and also was not eligible for registration with the INPI.


Creating a new name and a visual and verbal identity that reflected the evolution of the business was crucial for the founders to reposition the brand and embark on a new journey centered around the value proposition, grounded in one of their core beliefs: employee experience.

Immersion, Research, Discovery & Strategy

At the beginning of any project, it's essential to carefully listen to what the client has to say. Being receptive and exploring various ideas is fundamental in this journey.

In Trebian's project, we spent several weeks conversing with decision-makers to grasp the culture and desired identity for repositioning the brand.

Throughout this process, we adopted several tools to collaboratively craft the brand strategy, addressing aspects such as Identity, Purpose, Personality, Value Proposition, and Brand Positioning.

A name that always expresses satisfaction and excellence.

The new name should embody the brand’s essence and positioning, as well as be registered in two classes at INPI. This process involved dynamic brainstorming activities, analysis of spelling, sound, and concept, along with evaluations of registration feasibility and target audience perception research.

We generated 199 names during the process, and ultimately, Trebian was chosen to represent the brand.

Trebian is a rewrite of the French term "très bien," meaning "very good" or "excellent." It's a common expression of approval, satisfaction, or excellence in various contexts. It reflects the brand's promise to take care of everything and everyone, emphasizing a commitment to well-being and employee experience.

Additionally, the slogan "seguro é estar bem" (insurance is being well) was developed, playing cleverly on the brand name and the nature of its services.

A visual identity that represents partnership and connection

The rounded shapes that bring the brand's icon to life are the letters T and B abstractions, symbolizing the partnership triad between employee, company, and Trebian.

The brand's illustrations were designed as icons to convey the concepts of partnership and lightness, using the logo's shapes as a starting point. The illustrated hands are a simple way to humanize the brand, demonstrating the connection between people.

Research & Strategy: Luísa Fantinel e Paula Rego

Designer: Luísa Fantinel

Copywriting: Paula Rego


Brazil | 2023

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