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Sonheria Pediatrics

Branding, Illustration, Naming, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity

Sonheria, a brand that brings the charm of children's stories to children's health care.


Dr. Vanessa Scheeffer, with an already influential presence on social networks, demanded a brand evolution that seamlessly integrated her established characteristics. However, the challenge extended beyond individual identity to encompass a collective vision, as the brand now expanded to accommodate multiple professionals within the clinic. The task was to strike a harmonious balance, retaining the essence of Dr. Scheeffer's brand while ushering in a new era of collaborative expertise.


In this project, our primary objective was to bring to life the founder's concept of a pediatric clinic uniquely tailored to cater specifically to children. This involved not only capturing the essence of a child-friendly environment but also ensuring that every aspect of the brand resonated with the founder's unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional healthcare experience for young ones. The challenge lay in translating this vision into a cohesive brand identity that would communicate warmth, care, and a child-centric approach.

Immersion, Research, Discovery & Strategy

At the beginning of every project, listening and understanding what the client has to share with us is crucial. Attentive listening and an open mind are essential in this process.

In the Sonheria project, we had several weeks of immersion with the founders, Vanessa and Bruno, to grasp the culture and intended identity of the brand.

In this process, we applied various tools to collaboratively build the brand strategy, such as Identity, Purpose, Brand Personality, and Value Proposition.

A brand that forges a distinctive connection with children.

With a seamlessly aligned and coherent brand strategy, the development of the name and visual identity unfolded organically. It emerged as a natural outcome of the brand's vision: playful and inviting, reminiscent of the enchanting world of Disney animations.

The name that transports us to a world of possibilities

Crafting the name was a pivotal aspect of the project, as we held the mission of conveying a significant portion of the brand's identity, personality, and purpose through this single word. Sonheria, a fusion of "sonho" (dream) and the suffix "aria" (place), literally translates to "dreamplace." This reinforces the notion that Sonheria is where joyful children have the power to dream of becoming anything they wish.

A visual identity that tells a story.

To develop the visual identity, as a starting point, we had the concept that dreams are possibilities. We started the creation process and chose the soap bubble as a translation of this concept. We understand that each bubble is a unique universe, representing several possible worlds. The bubble evokes a playful aspect, reminds of childhood, transmits lightness, and still brings with it the idea that bursting it means expanding the world around you. Also, to reinforce the concept of bubbles as a representation of several possible worlds, we produced a series of illustrations and a story that accompanies Julio - a character created with the founders - in his adventures.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini and Paula Rego

Naming: Paula Rego

Designers: Camila Chisini and Luísa Fantinel

Illustration: Luísa Fantinel

Architecture: Jaqueline Machado

Brazil | 2021

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