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Rose Koenen

Branding, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Illustration

Studio Rose Koenen, a specialist in micro-pigmentation, is crafted to authentically and intricately transform a woman's image, empowering her to explore newfound avenues of self-love.


Crafting the brand involved delving into the very core of Rose's essence and purpose, unraveling aspects that were not initially clear to the businesswoman. Our mission extended to creating a visual identity that not only encapsulated these defining traits but also presented them authentically and cohesively.


The previous visual identity, lacking in distinctiveness and personality, failed to capture the vibrant and charismatic essence we uncovered within the brand. In response, we meticulously crafted an authentic and dynamic visual universe, featuring organic forms and graphic elements showcasing female faces, all aimed at accentuating the journey towards self-love. The chromatic palette, painted in hues of pink, exudes delicacy and intimacy, while the splash of yellow infuses warmth and energy into the mix.

Immersion, Research, Discovery & Strategy

At the beginning of every project, listening and understanding what the client has to share with us is crucial. Attentive listening and an open mind are essential in this process. We had some weeks of immersion with her to understand the intended identity of the brand.

In the process of refining Rose's brand, our task involved a thorough exploration to unearth the essence and purpose at the core. We aimed to unveil aspects that might not have been immediately apparent to Rose herself, aspiring to bring a clearer understanding of her brand. We applied various tools to collaboratively build the brand strategy, such as Identity, Purpose, Brand Personality, and Value Proposition.

Visual Identity

The pre-existing visual identity lacked the distinctiveness and personality necessary to capture the vibrant and charismatic essence we uncovered within the brand.

To address this, our approach involved careful attention to detail and skillful artistry, resulting in an authentic and dynamic visual universe. We incorporated organic forms and graphic elements featuring female faces, each element was strategically chosen to emphasize the journey toward self-love that Rose represents.

The chromatic palette, carefully painted in varying hues of pink, exudes delicacy and intimacy, while the infusion of a splash of yellow adds warmth and energy to the overall mix. This detailed process culminated in a visual representation that not only captures the essence of Rose but also speaks to the journey of self-discovery and self-love that defines the brand.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini e Paula Rego

Designers: Camila Chisini e Luísa Fantinel

Illustration: Luísa Fantinel

Type Designer: Harbor Type

Brazil | 2019

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