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Pecanera Brasil

Branding, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Packaging, Illustration, Verbal Identity

To deliver real food and bridge the gap between the rural producer and the consumer, the new Pecanera Brasil emerges. A brand that encourages people to discover not only pecans but also to try new flavors, sensations, and combinations.


After dedicating some years to researching and cultivating walnut trees, a father and daughter felt the need to renew Pecanera Brasil and launch it in the Brazilian market as a brand with a "smell of nature and a modern vibe”. So, the challenge involved rethinking the positioning, adjusting the brand's look, and creating new product packaging.


To meet the expectations of Gabi and Jodi, who run the family business, we immersed ourselves in the brand to develop a new visual identity with elements that evoke the product's origin and promote a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, we created retail packaging that stands out on the shelves, even among other competing products.

Immersion, Research, Discovery & Strategy

At the beginning of any project, listening and understanding what the client has to say is crucial. Being attentive and open to different ideas is vital in this process. 

In the Pecanera project, we spent several weeks talking with the decision-makers to grasp the culture and desired identity for repositioning the brand. 

Throughout this process, we used various tools to craft the brand strategy collaboratively, including elements like Identity, Purpose, Personality, Value Proposition, Positioning, Values, and Brand Vision.

A Visual Identity Bringing Real Food to Your Table

To create the visual identity, we drew inspiration from the concept of “real food", combining textures, colors, and illustrations of different kinds of food that complement pecans.

The visual elements blend the lightness of a healthy diet with the inspiration of consuming food directly from the farm to the table. The illustrations showcase the versatility of pecans, adding a playful touch to the brand.

Thus, Pecanera is reborn as a brand eager to engage people's lives with pecans, inspiring a healthier lifestyle.

A Verbal Identity that Unveils the New

In the verbal identity, we defined a brand personality that speaks confidently and maturely, inviting reflection on diet and lifestyle. The brand leans on key elements like friendliness, informality, and grounded information to construct its inspiring discourse, prompting us to discover the new.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini, Luísa Fantinel e Paula Rego

Designers: Camila Chisini e Luísa Fantinel

Copywriting: Paula Rego

Photography: Jordy Ribeiro


Brazil | 2023

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