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Branding, Brand Strategy, Visual Identity

Lazzeri is a company of Italian-Brazilian origin with a rich history of almost a century, starting from Trento, Italy. The company specializes in producing flower seedlings for gardening. Their team of experts offers innovative and high-quality seedlings exclusively made on Brazilian soil to support growers in producing the most beautiful and best flowers for the market.


Lazzeri's visual identity was outdated and disorganized. Their communication language was no longer compatible with the company's positioning since they were shifting their focus to production in Brazil, leaving its Italian branch. Our challenge was to update the brand's positioning for this new moment by building a stronger brand that is more aligned with the current culture.


The new brand positioning emphasizes company characteristics that customers barely saw. One of the main points of contact we worked on was the new visual identity that now expresses the entire brand essence and creates differentiation in the market segment.

Earlier, Lazzeri was known as an Italian company that produced flower seedlings. However, that identity was no longer in sync with the company's current position. With a presence of over 25 years in Brazil, the brand wanted to embrace its Brazilian roots and establish itself as a specialist in speciation - the development of new species - rather than just being known as a producer of seedlings. 

In Lazzeri's branding project, we spent several months on an immersion and discovery journey with the founders and the team to understand the company's culture. We visited the headquarters and took a tour of all the greenhouses to comprehend the production process. Experiencing this firsthand allowed us to grasp the essence of Lazzeri in a much more comprehensive way. Additionally, we applied various tools such as qualitative research, brand dynamics, and others to collaboratively build the brand strategy.

Old Visual Identity

The visual identity used by Lazzeri was confusing and disorganized. The Italian branch used several different versions of the Brazilian company's logo, hindering the perception of brand unity. Consequently, graphic materials also had many variations with each new edition, further complicating the brand's identification with its audience.

New Visual Identity

The Lazzeri logo conveys closeness and personality, exclusively designed for the brand by type designer Henrique Beier from Harbor Type.

The graphics were crafted from the "stamp" of the leaves and flowers cultivated by Lazzeri, as if extracting the fingerprints of each plant, aligning with the new positioning as an expert in speciation, where DNA serves as a primary working resource—much like fingerprints, unique characteristics. The combination of these elements with the chosen colors evokes joy, lightness, and a Brazilian essence.

These graphics aim to materialize the plant's unique genetics as if extracting its fingerprint, while indirectly representing Brazilian joy and lightness.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini e Paula Rego

Designers: Camila Chisini and Luísa Gimenez

Copywriting: Paula Rego

Type Designer: Harbor Type

Brazil | 2020

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