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Gieno Pizzeria

Branding, Illustration, Naming, Visual Identity

Gieno Pizzeria aims to bring families together around the table to taste authentic pizza. With an Italian spirit, the pizzeria provides charming and welcoming moments so each occasion becomes special for its customers.


The pizzeria was previously named Babbo Giovanni, which was part of a franchise chain. In 2019, the owners decided to rebrand and detach themselves from the franchise.


The project of building the brand was crucial in comprehending the core of the business without the franchise's influence. It also helped in identifying the traits that make the brand distinct and genuine. Consequently, we developed a new name that aligns with the brand's purpose and identity, along with a more authentic and consistent visual identity.

Brand Diagnosis

During the immersion stage, we focused on three main pillars.

Internal analysis: we conducted interviews with the owners and focus groups with employees and team leaders, led by the manager. 

Consumer analysis: we conducted in-depth interviews with frequent customers of the house and also administered an online questionnaire. 

Competitor analysis: we conducted online research to evaluate positioning, communication discourse, and visual identity. 

Once we gathered all the necessary information, we gained a better understanding of the context in which the brand was placed. This allowed us to guide the owners in making more conscious decisions about the direction of their business. We evaluated various aspects such as brand communication, customer service, and restaurant architecture to ensure a comprehensive approach. 

Brand Strategy

At this stage, the strategic pillars of the brand are defined. After analyzing the scenario in which the brand operates, mainly through the information collected about consumers, the owners gained more clarity about the image they wanted to create for the brand. However, some key points of the strategy were still unclear, so we conducted more activities to help them define the value proposition, personality, and brand positioning. 

After conducting these activities and guiding the owners toward a path of introspection and brand self-awareness, we were able to identify the true essence of the brand. It was primarily characterized as being a family-oriented, Italian, and premium brand, while also being welcoming, charming, authentic, versatile, and committed.

Brand Expression

When we had a clear and consistent brand strategy in place, creating touchpoints was a breeze. It just flowed naturally from what the brand wanted to be. The expressive elements are what bring the brand's personality and identity to life.


The new name should express the essence and positioning of the brand, and be registerable in two different classes at INPI, ensuring its complete protection. This process involved dynamic generation of alternatives internally and by the pizzeria's customers, analysis of spelling, pronunciation, sound, and concept, domain verification, analysis of trademark registration feasibility, and perception research with the audience.

The chosen name, Gieno, comes from the combination of the Italian words "gioia," which means joy, and "pieno," full. Therefore, Gieno is about filling the table with joy, celebrating good moments, and sharing love and happiness with those you care about.

Visual Identity

We crafted the visual identity to reflect an "Italy without stereotypes." Warm colors were chosen to enhance the cozy and joyful family atmosphere, while illustrations capture the charm of welcoming moments shared with loved ones. The use of exclusively designed typography in brand signatures adds a unique and personality-filled touch to the visual identity. Additionally, the stamp version further emphasizes the brand's premium and authentic image.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini e Paula Rego

Naming: Paula Rego

Designers: Camila Chisini and Luísa Gimenez

Copywriting: Paula Rego

Architecture: Reinaldo Forte (Sambô Estúdio)


Brazil | 2019

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