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Agora Vai | Corporate Gift Box

Editorial, Illustration, Packaging

Grafiset's 2022 theme, "Agora Vai" (Now it's on), encapsulates a year of change and action. The editorial project features engaging texts and lively illustrations on bespoke materials, reflecting Grafiset's vibrant brand.


As we approach the end of 2021, Grafiset aims to craft a gift expressing gratitude and providing motivation for the upcoming year. Our task involves creating original and engaging material that resonates with Grafiset's brand, ensuring it is both useful and memorable for their clients.


To meet the challenge, we designed a kit containing a planner, calendar, playful stickers, and clothing pins packaged in an eye-catching box. Filled with witty text and customized illustrations in sticker form, the project delivers a playful and relatable message to clients, while boldly reinforcing the Grafiset brand.

As each year draws to a close, Grafiset takes on the exciting task of crafting a special gift for its valued customers and partners. Beyond a mere editorial project, our goal was to fashion a gift that not only resonates with the brand's identity but also serves as a constant reminder of Grafiset's distinctive positioning and vibrant personality throughout the entire year. Wrapping up 2021, a period marked by prolonged isolation due to the pandemic, we sensed a collective restlessness in the air. Merging this underlying sentiment with Grafiset's ethos of being fueled by challenges, we conceptualized the editorial project. 

"Agora Vai" – translating to "Now it's on" – emerged as the theme for 2022, signifying a year brimming with promises of change, dynamism, and action. This theme seamlessly aligns with Grafiset's brand proposition, injecting a breath of fresh air while maintaining coherence. Collaboratively, we fine-tuned the concept and brought it to life through engaging texts and lively illustrations, meticulously applied to bespoke materials such as planners, calendars, buttons, stickers, and gift packaging. Take a glimpse below to see the vibrant outcome of this editorial endeavor.

Copywriting: Paula Rego

Designer: Luísa Fantinel

Illustration: Luísa Fantinel
Brazil | 2021

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