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Acendra Olive Oil

Naming, Branding, Visual Identity, Brand Strategy, Packaging

From the desire to leave a legacy for the family and bring people closer to the culture of fine olive oil, Acendra was born. A brand that conveys sophistication and rusticity, Acendra draws inspiration from the simplicity of life in the countryside to produce the purest Gaúcho olive oil.


The founders of the brand, a father and son, fell in love with olive trees and decided to turn this passion into a new family venture, dedicating themselves to cultivating olives and producing olive oil. This sparked the need to create a brand that combined the concepts of elegance and rusticity, initially seen as opposites by the owners.


Engaged in the creation of the brand and collaborating with the father and son, we developed the name, visual identity, and labels that evoke countryside simplicity combined with the elegance and enticing flavor of the product itself, the olive oil.

Immersion, Research, Discovery & Strategy

At the beginning of every project, listening and understanding what the client has to share with us is crucial. Attentive listening and an open mind are essential in this process.

In the Acendra project, we had several weeks of immersion with the founders, Airton and Douglas, to grasp the culture and intended identity of the brand.

In this process, we applied various tools to collaboratively build the brand strategy, such as Identity, Purpose, Brand Personality, and Value Proposition.

Acendra, enhance the flavor of life

Due to the aligned and coherent brand strategy, the development of the name and visual identity was natural and fluid, as it became a consequence of what the brand aspired to be: simple and captivating, like life in the countryside.

A name that evokes the ancestry of olive trees

The name's creation was a crucial point in the project, as our mission is to convey much of the brand's identity and purpose with just one word.

We generated 275 names during the process, and ultimately, Acendra was the chosen name to represent the brand.

Since ancient civilizations, the olive tree has been associated with myths, traditions, artistic and cultural expressions, and medicinal and gastronomic uses. It was from one of these sources that we found our inspiration through Virgil's epic poem, the Aeneid. In it, the passage "And with a branch of olive, man purifies himself completely" inspired the concept of the name Acendra – meaning to purify, refine, and enhance.

Visual identity: for each varietal, a texture

To visually translate the concept of rusticity and emphasize the idea of "enhancing the flavor," we created unique and exclusive textures for the brand. Made with ink and paper, they aim to convey the sensation of experiencing each varietà, from the lightest to the most robust.

Research & Strategy: Camila Chisini e Paula Rego

Naming: Camila Chisini

Designers: Camila Chisini e Luísa Fantinel

Copywriting: Paula Rego

Photography: Gabriel Pompeo


Brazil | 2021

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